Artisan Fudge & Treats

Due to the hot weather in our area, our online shop is closed until October. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Indulge in the classics, or try something new – there’s a flavor for everyone.

The Scoop

Over 30 Flavors

Owner and Fudgemaster Kristi Metten has a passion for creating new and delicious flavors! There’s always something new to try!

Hand Made in Small Batches

Fudge Street’s process ensures that our fudge is made one pan at a time, by Kristi herself!

Hi! I am Kristi!

It’s not bragging if it’s a fact. I have been making the world’s best artisan fudge and treats for decades! I can’t wait to share the products I have spent my life developing and perfecting with you!

This is metten

Sometimes he helps or mails stuff or whatever. That’s it. That’s every employee in the company, lol

You’ve earned a treat! Come on over to Fudge Street!